A TVR Prototype Specification

The White Elephant is a one-off hand built TVR prototype which was Peter Wheeler's personal transport for the first few years of its life.

Completed in September 1988 by John Ravenscroft, Neill Anderson and Peter Wheeler, the car has a totally unique body comprising of a fibreglass inner shell which was covered by a thick coat of heavy modelling foam which in turn was over-coated with the finishing layer of fibreglass to give the Elephant its unique shape.

Based on a developed and modified SEAC chassis and a Tasmin FHC stripped down and chopped body shell, this car is the only TVR to ever be factory fitted with an Australian V8 5.0 litre Holden engine. Furthermore this rare Holden VL Commodore SS Group A SV prototype version was one of only a dozen made.

As we research the Elephant's history, strip her and then carefully and lovingly re-build her, we shall publish on this page all the idiosyncrasies, oddities and quirks (and believe me there are plenty) which could only be associated with a hand built TVR development prototype.

We will be publishing detailed breakdowns of the Elephant's specification shortly - add this page to your favourites so you don't miss anything!

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